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For campers entering 6th grade in Fall of 2016, search for one morning (AM) class and one afternoon (PM) class during the session of your choosing.

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In addition to the Combo Camp classes below, you can also check out our Middle School Academies.  These one-week specialty classes for 6th-8th Graders are listed here:

Art, Dance, and Theater




Graffiti Art

Grades 5-8
Sessions 3 (AM) 


Campers will show just how cool art can be in this one-of-a-kind class. Campers will explore graffiti as an art form, creating words, pictures, and murals using traditional paint as well as spray paint.  Campers will even create their own “tag”, defining their artistic personality. (Material Fee: $25)


Science and Technology

Painter's Workshop

Grades 4-8
Sessions 1 (AM)


Campers who enjoy art will love Painter’s Workshop!  In this popular class, young artists will learn and experiment with various types of paint and styles.  Using anything from watercolor to acrylic paints, campers will make their creative visions come alive on the canvas.  Whether landscape, portrait, abstract, or still life, their paintings will be created in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.  (Material Fee Session 1: $15)





CSI: Norwood
Grades 5-8
Sessions 1 (PM) and 3 (PM)


How do crimes get solved?  How do forensic scientists read fingerprints and interpret clues at crime scenes?  Through this class, campers will learn how to take a careful look at every detail, interpret clues, and ask the important question. They will investigate their own fingerprints, learn about DNA, and use critical thinking skills to unravel Summer at Norwood's unsolved mysteries!

Graphic Design
Grades 5-8
Session 4 (PM)


Campers can combine their love of art and computers in this stimulating class. Using innovative programs like, Adobe, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and others, campers will bring their creativity to life and showcase it on a digital canvas. They will develop an impressive portfolio to take home to share!


Movie Making
Grades 5-8
Sessions 2 (PM) and 5 (AM)


Lights, camera, action!  Our future actors, producers, and directors will love this class.  Campers will run through the process of filming, acting, editing, and creating a movie from start to finish.  Whether campers like being in the spot light or behind the scenes making the action happen, they’ll love joining the fun in making the magic come together in this class!

Academic Enrichment and Support 

English Immersion
Grade 1-8
Sessions 2 (AM), 3 (AM), 4 (AM), and 5 (AM) 


This immersion class is designed for campers whose primary language is not English. In this program, campers will strengthen their English through language immersion, games, and activities. The class will work on language comprehension, basic reading, and cultural understanding. No matter what language a camper speaks, he or she will feel comfortable in this nurturing and informative program. This is a perfect class for campers who want to develop their English language skills while still having a fun-filled summer camp experience! 


Unique and Specialty Classes  

Advanced Cooking
Grade 4-8
Sessions 3 (AM), 4 (AM), and 5 (AM) Filled


Advanced Cooking is a completely interactive class, where young culinary masters will prepare an entrée, healthy snack or dessert. They will learn many of the basics of cooking, such as how to read and reference a recipe, proper measuring and knife skills, as well as cooking techniques like baking, grilling and sautéing. No “ants on a log” in this class.  Each week has a different theme, and some of this year’s themes will include: Cup Cake Wars, Super Foods, Tropical Madness, Snack Attack, All American Summer Favorites, Cookie Explosion, and others. Every camper will get their very own apron to decorate, wear at camp, and take home, as well as a recipe book with everything they’ve made in camp. (Note: All recipes and projects in the class will be meat and peanut-free) (Material Fee: $25)



Game On
Grade 4-8
Sessions 1 (PM), 2 (PM), 3 (PM), 4 (PM), and 5 (PM) 


Offering a great mix of both traditional and non-traditional games, Game On is the perfect class for campers who want to have fun, gain confidence, and keep moving! Campers will develop and hone their individual and team skills while playing sports such as flag football, soccer, basketball, or lacrosse. They will also learn and engage in fun games like Ultimate Frisbee, Bowling, Bocce Ball, and fun card games. Campers are sure to love playing the camp favorite Ga Ga Ball in Summer at Norwood’s new Ga Ga pit.  Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized and campers will even be able to steer the direction of the class as they decide as a group which sports and games they would like to try!



Grades 5-8
Sessions 1 (AM), 2 (AM) and 4 (AM)


Katniss Everdeen watch out, our Summer at Norwood archers are here!  This class will explore the basics of archery in a fun and interactive way.  Using new specially ordered for students compound bows, our campers will learn safety first, and techniques behind stance, notching, setting, drawing, aiming, shooting, and follow through. Campers will participate in friendly competition and games as they learn how to hit the bull’s eye!  (Material Fee - session 2-5: $25 and session 1: $15)



Grade 4-8
Sessions 2 (AM) and 5 (PM) Filled


In Photography, campers will not only learn about how to use a camera and its features, they will begin to develop an eye for the elements that go into taking a great photo. Developing photographers will gain an awareness of the fundamental elements of shape, form, composition, and light and shadow. Current editing techniques will be explored using Adobe Photoshop Elements to enhance imagery. Each camper will create their own portfolio that will showcase their photographs of landscapes, portraits, and architecture. The cameras will be provided, so all campers need to bring is their creativity.