Adventure Camp Session 1

Adventure Campers had a blast this week! Everyone spent Monday on campus playing group games and other ice breakers as we got to know each other and the campus. The afternoon was spent on the low ropes course strengthening team building skills like trust and communication.


Tuesday Adventure 2, with leaders Vivi and Erica, headed to Sandy Springs Adventure Park to play on the ropes course in the trees, rock climbed at Carderock (spending plenty of time in the shade too!) then on Wednesday, tried stand-up paddle boarding in the canal on Thursday, and kayaked on the Potomac River Friday. Many of the Adventure 2 campers are returning and it is amazing to see their growth from year to year in their social awareness and outdoor skills! 


James and Rebecca led 1B rock climbing at Carderock Tuesday, stand-up paddle boarding in the canal Wednesday, kayaking on the Potomac Thursday, and rock climbing again on Friday. This group has a good mix of new and returning campers who worked well in supporting each other in their adventures!


Group 1A, led by Caroline, Emma and Sam, was the first group to go stand-up paddle boarding on Tuesday and they loved it! Wednesday they were in the water again kayaking on the Potomac, Thursday they went rock climbing, and Friday they went hiking on the Billy Goat Trail. This all-girl group has bonded quickly and are often playing in the mornings together while they wait for everyone to arrive.


It has been a GREAT 1st week of Adventure Camp! The kids have been supportive of each other, willing to try something new, and jumped in to help when needed. Thank you for sharing your kids with us!

Adventure Camp 

Session 2


Adventure Camp has had a hot and exciting start this session! On the first day kids were enthusiastic and willing to dive into all the activities. Activities on the first day included tent making, an obstacle course, the low ropes course, and Alaskan baseball! For the rest of the week pods 1A, 1B, and 2 headed in different directions.


All groups participated in stand-up paddle boarding on the channel near the Potomac River, flat water kayaking on the Potomac River, and rock climbing at Carderock. On these hot summer days campers stayed in the shade, in the water when allowed, and made sure they were staying hydrated!


Next week Adventure 1A and 1B will head to Cunningham Falls for a day of swimming in the lake, playing on the beach, and hiking to the falls. They will camp out that night and spend Wednesday tubing on Antietam Creek! Thursday is a Mystery Day and all campers will go to Great Waves on Friday!


Adventure 2 will head to Assateague Island, but will stop on their way and tour an Oyster Recovery sanctuary. That night they will camp out on the beach.  The next morning they will sea kayak around Assagteague and camp out one more night. On Friday Adventure 2 will join the rest of the groups at Great Waves Water Park.


Adventure Camp 

Session 3

What amazing weather to start the session! We've had blue skies, white clouds, warm sun and cool breezes - perfect for outdoor adventuring! Adventure camp 1A and 1B spent this week kayaking and standup paddle boarding on the Potomac River. They learned about currents, parts of the kayak, and how to paddle efficiently. After campers learned the basics about SUP, they were able to try some tricks in the afternoon, like standing on one end of the board and balancing on one foot! Land activities included rock climbing twice - once at Carderock and once at Great Falls, VA. Campers did very well in learning the basics of belaying and climbing commands.


One of our counselors commented, "This group was amazing with how quickly they picked up climbing today and weren't afraid at all to try something a little challenging!" 

In the 2nd week campers have a Mystery Day, overnight trip, and one more outdoor activity - either kayaking or stream study. On Tuesday campers will travel to Cunningham Falls for a day of playing on the sand, in the lake, and hiking to the falls. On the 2nd day of the overnight campers will go tubing down Antietam Creek and make it back in time for carpool. The end of the week will be an all group trip to Great Waves!


Thanks again for sharing your campers with us, it's been a fantastic session!



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