"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world," Nelson Mandela

School Prep
1st & 2nd

Although it's hard to admit that the summer is coming to an end, in School Prep we had to face the facts and began preparing for a successful new school year. With plenty of time to work on unfinished summer projects and lots of help from peers and teachers, campers have been finishing up their sumer projects and summer reading. They are slowly but surly makeing the change from campers into students. Those already done with their summer work have had time to read and practice important things such as study skills. Campers worked on activities strengthening their time management skills as well as learning healthy study habits and the process of setting priorities. Campers also were able to explore their own learning styles. Discussing the different ways they learn best and then learning specific strategies to apply in school, there is no doubt that they will be prepared for a successful school year.

School Prep

Session 5 update coming soon!


Spanish Immersion
School Prep
3rd & 4th

Our campers are learning important skills for third and fourth grade such as how to study for a test, some multiplication skills, the writing process, how to take notes, how to read a textbook, and how to stay organized throughout the school year. Jo Jo and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children. Thanks for sending them to Summer at Norwood.


Math Olympics

Our mathematicians are flexing their neural muscles solving problems, playing games, addressing puzzles, and making friends. Campers made up rules for the class the first day, and make up rules for our SKUNK game each time we play. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry and pattern recognition make up much of the operations and concepts thus far. Campers will be working on a measurement project later in the week.

Carolyn and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children. Thanks for sending them to Summer at Norwood.



Hola! This week campers were able to explore the Spanish language. We compared Spanish words that are similar to English words to help us understand the meanings better. We also learned vocabulary that we deal with in everyday life like weather, family, common verbs, and more!