"Creativty takes courage," Henri Mattisse

Awesome Art

What a talented group of young artists! It was such a pleasure to be able to really push a group of students into really learning and developing new skills in their art, and teach them that sometimes in anything we do we have to back track and refine our work to make it even better! It was not easy, but I saw amazing improvements on the talent that was already there in each student. I really was thrilled with the work everyone did on drawing out their initial portraits. We incorporated these line drawings into our lesson about the artist Chuck Close, and used him as inspiration for our psychedelic gridded portraits. The same initial line drawings then were used to make George Seurat inspired pointillism paintings. We talked about music with the Sing Dance Play class, and how other forms of art affect ours. It was a wonderful class, and I cannot wait to see what everyone has in store. Have a fabulous summer!


In Photography, campers were sent on scavenger hunts each day to EXPLORE, EXPLORE, EXPLORE! The campers first learned the functions of a camera. Then they took pictures of colors, posters, objects, friends, the weather, faculty and other campers. We stretch the bounds of their imagination, creativity and photographic skills by enabling them to capture moments, objects and areas that they wouldn't normally phothograph in a course of a day. They were able to learn the importance of angles, lighting and the focus in a picture .Finally they completed their projects by uploading, saving, editing and organizing their albums. We made Real PHOTOGRAPHERS out our campers!!!!

Animal Art
Jewelry Making

In Jewelry Making campers took CREATIVITY to another level!!! Using various material and tools, campers created dazzling hair clips, rings, necklaces, bracelets from scratch. We used many different colors of clay to make marble beads. Then, the campers used the beads to make rings using wire, and made hairclips using stretchy string and clips.They used their imagination, and personal preferences to personalize their jewelry and work of art!!!!

Sculpting Studio

This week in the creative world of Studio Sculpture campers learned about Pop Art. Campers created a larger then life Pop art inspired food sculpture. Some of materials used included cardboard, plaster glue and paint.  Campers had fun socially interacting with their fellow campers and working as a team to complete their projects. Lessons emphasized on following directions, skill building, and creativity.


I cannot believe we have reached the end of the summer! What a fantastic group to spend the last few days with. Everyone was so dedicated to the work we did. We made beautiful tissue paper collages and animal silhouettes, we designed our own pattern of fish scales and turned it into dolls, we even got to make our own lion masks- among many other fun class projects! We talked about how understanding the anatomy of animals help us draw them more accurately, how artists take creative liberties but only after understanding what is actually there. I cannot wait to see these students in the future and all the wonderful projects they will continue working on! Thanks for a great summer!