Dance and Theater

Combo Camp Class Descriptions

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Dance Fusion

Grade 1–2

Session 6 (PM)

Dance Fusion introduces young, enthusiastic dancers an assortment of dance styles, music and artist beauty of movement. The class will allow campers to mash these styles into an individualistic dance routine and be able to coach each other in a stylist way. Campers will learn and practice dance styles ranging from Disco to Break-Dance and R&B from past decades! This class does not have a session performance but will ignite your camper’s creativity to a unique, personal dance style. 






Dance Stars

Grades 1 – 2

Sessions 4 (PM), 5 (PM)


Dance Stars offers young dancers an introduction to an assortment of dance styles and music. The class will be working to integrate these styles into a group dance routine to be performed at the end of the session. Campers will learn and practice dance styles ranging from Jazz to line dancing to popular styles from past decades! This is your camper's opportunity to move and groove to some very cool music.

In the Spotlight

Grades 1–2

Session 4 (AM) and  5 (AM)


“All the world’s a stage…”  Calling all budding actors and actresses! If your camper likes to put on a show at home, enjoys being on stage, or just simply loves the idea of acting, then look no further. Fun with Theater is a class full of improvisation, script writing, stage presence, and or course, acting!  Campers will have a blast playing games and immersing themselves in theater-based activities.  Best of all, campers will prepare a show for parents! Join us to discover what all the FUN is all about!







Dance Sampler NEW!

Grade 3 – 5

Session 6 (AM)


In this fun, high-energy class, campers will learn a new style of dance each day.  From jazz and hip hop to free-style and boogie-woogie, this is the perfect class for campers who love to dance and want to learn more.  There is no such thing as two left feet in Dance Sampler!  Come “cut a rug with us”!




Act it Out NEW!

Grade 3-5

Session 2 (PM)

Campers in this exciting, improv-based class will learn a variety of acting skills through an array of creative, expressive outlets.  Improvisation, theatre games, and interactive play will help campers build self-confidence, take risks, make mistakes, perform skits, and have a lot fun! 




Grade 3 – 5

Session 4 (AM)


If you’ve got the energy and the spirit, Summer at Norwood has the Poms! This dance class promotes good posture and proper form with precise rhythm and timing. Learn about formations and transitions, showmanship, creative and visual choreography, cool kick lines, jump skills, and more. Campers will then showcase their fabulous routines at a performance at the end of the session! 



Center Stage

Grade 3 – 5

Sessions 4 (PM) and 5 (PM)


Illustrious Broadway thespian Terrence Mann said, “Movies will make you famous, television will make you rich, but theatre will make you good.”  Any young actor ever captivated by a play or a musical will enjoy this dynamic class. This performance-based class allows young thespians to learn acting techniques and develop their stage presence through a number of theater games and activities. Center Stage is a great opportunity for campers to develop confidence, showcase their talent, and steal the spotlight!



Hip Hop Dance

Grade 3-5

Session 5 (AM)

Dancing with the Norwood Stars!  Age appropriate and teacher-guided choreography will help B-boys and B-girls to learn the basic elements of one of the most popular and active dance genres today – Hip Hop!  Dances will include break dancing, popping and locking, and even freestyle movements… all over a break beat.  Campers will compose and practice a unique routine for the end of the session.