Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a tour?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to provide in-person tours.  However, please feel free to give us a call to speak more about our programs!

Does Summer at Norwood offer transportation?

Summer at Norwood currently does not offer transportation to and from camp. 

Does Summer at Norwood provide lunch?

Campers should bring their own lunches. We will provide drinks and snacks during the day. Lunches will be kept at room temperature; refrigeration is not available.  Summer at Norwood is currently evaluating whether we can hold Pizza Fridays in a safe manner consistent with COVID-19 protocols. 

Is Summer at Norwood a nut-free camp?

Summer at Norwood is not a nut-free camp, however, we do our best to accommodate our campers with allergies. All campers are encouraged not to bring foods to camp that contain nuts. During lunch and snack periods, a nut table is designated and any campers who have food items containing nuts are assigned to sit at this table.

Can we request our camper to be with a friend?

Yes. Camp is always fun, but it can be even better if enjoyed with a friend, or group of friends! There is a friend request section in the Summer at Norwood online registration. We will do our best to accommodate friend requests. 

Does Summer at Norwood offer swimming?


No, this summer we will be unable to offer swimming.  However, we are still evaluating whether we can have water play this summer.  Keep in touch for updates!

Can I register a camper who does not attend Norwood School during the school year?
Yes, Summer at Norwood welcomes children from the entire community, both Norwood School students and children who attend other schools.
Can I register a camper who lives outside of Maryland?
Yes! The state of Maryland has lifted restrictions that prevented camps in Maryland from accpeting out-of-state campers.  
Does Summer at Norwood provide financial aid?

Yes, financial assistance may be provided to families with demonstrated need.  Aid is subject to a seasonal cap and deadline for financial aid applications is April 15.  Contact the Summer at Norwood office for more information.

Is there a nurse on duty?

Yes, Summer at Norwood has a camp nurse on duty at all times during camp hours.  this registered nurse is on hand to tend to any camper medical issues that arise during camp, including tending to minor injuries and illnesses and administering medications to campers who have submitted the proper forms.

What if children need to take medication?

All medication, prescription and non-prescription, will be administered by the camp nurse on duty. Campers that need to take prescribed or over-the-counter medication during the camp day must have a Medication Administration Form completed with a doctor's signature and submitted to Summer at Norwood. Campers with a life threatening allergy should also have an Allergy Action Plan completed with a doctor's signature and submitted to Summer at Norwood.  The Medication Administration Form and Allergy Action Plan can be downloaded from the Already Registered section of the website, under the Camp Forms heading. Summer at Norwood is unable to accept medication forms from schools or other camps.  Campers will not be allowed to carry medication nor administer medication to themselves.

Can teachers administer medication?

All medications are held and administered by our registered nurse on staff. In the event of an emergency or in cases where a physician requires the camper's medication to be with him or her at all times, our teachers and counselors are trained and equipped to medically assist campers.

Will Summer at Norwood be offering a CIT Program?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer our CIT Program this summer.  We hope to bring it back in 2022!

Will Summer at Norwood be offering Before Care or After Care?

Due to health and safety protocols that call for campers to remain in designated cohorts throughout the camp day, Summer at Norwood will not be offering Before Care or After Care for the Summer of 2021.  We will continue to evaluate the possibility of offering extended care and will do so if the conditions allow us to safely run Before and After Care.