Health Forms

Most health information we need for campers is captured during the actual registration process.  However, there are circumstances where additional health information is needed.  Please see the forms and descriptions below to determine which forms may be necessary for your camper.

Completed form can be submitted to the camp office via email (preferred), fax, or mail.  If you have any questions about the health forms, please reach out to or 301-841-2254.

Sunscreen Authorization Form

This form is required for all campers who will apply sunscreen during the camp day. 

  • Sunscreen must be provided in its original container, clearly labeled with your camper's name. 

  • Summer at Norwood does not keep sunscreen on the premises for camper use.

  • One copy of the form should be submitted to the camp office, and one copy should be kept with the container of sunscreen.

Medication Authorization Forms

This form is required for any camper who needs medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) administered or available during the camp day.  The form(s) must be signed by a physician and a guardian.

  • Camp nurse will be unable to administer any medication without the proper forms on file.

  • We are unable to accept Medication Administration forms from other camps, other schools, or public school systems.

  • Summer at Norwood does not keep any over-the-counter (OTC) medications in stock.  If you wish to have an OTC medication available to your camper, please submit the necessary form with an unopened bottle or package of the respective medication.

Allergy Action Form

This form is required for any camper who has a life-threatening allergy.  It must be signed by both a physician and a guardian.

Immunization Certificate

The Immunization Certificate is required for campers living outside of the United States or for campers who are exempt from immunization for medical or religious reasons.  This form requires a physician's signature (except for religious exemptions)