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For campers entering 1st grade in Fall of 2016, search for one morning (AM) class and one afternoon (PM) class during the session of your choosing.

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Art Dance and Theater






Fun with Theater

Grades 1-2

Sessions 3 (AM) and 5 (PM)


Calling all budding actors/actresses! If your camper likes to put on a show at home, loves being on stage, or just simply loves the idea of acting, then look no further. Fun with Theater is a class full of improvisation, script writing, stage presence, and or course, acting!  Campers will prepare a show for parents, and have a blast playing games, and immersing themselves in theater based activities throughout.  Join us to discover what all the FUN is all about!



Let's Dance! NEW!

Grades 1-2

Sessions 3 (PM), 4 (AM), and 5 (AM)


Do you feel the rhythm? Let’s Dance offers young dancers an introduction to a variety of dance styles and music. The class will work towards integrating the styles into a group dance routine to be performed at the end of the session. Campers will learn and practice dance styles ranging from Jazz to line dances to popular styles from past decades! This is your camper's opportunity to move and groove to cool music.  Let’s Dance!





Foil Art NEW!

Grades 1-2
Session 2 (PM)


Foil’s bendable nature make it easy to craft into all types of creative shapes that still keep their form.  This, coupled with its shiny, metallic look, make it the perfect medium for young creators.  This unique sculpting class will produce anything from figures, tools, and jewelry to team-built structures and cities.  Campers will provide the creativity, we’ll provide the foil!  (Material Fee: $25)






Grades 1-2
Sessions 2 (AM), 3 (PM), and 4 (AM)


Artistic imagination will take shape in this exciting and popular class! Campers will be able to use their creative sense to mold and shape their own creations out of clay. Under the guidance and expertise of the instructor, they will then glaze and fire their creations to take home! This class is favorite at Norwood during the school year, so register quickly!  (Material Fee: $25) 

Jewelry Making

Grade 1-2

Sessions 1 (AM) and 4 (PM)


In this hands-on class, campers will learn how to create wonderful pieces of artistic jewelry  Our jewelry makers will work with a wide variety of beautiful beads and materials that may include lamp work glass, foil beads, rhinestone jewels, and ceramic pieces.  They will be taught jewelry making techniques and will use their own creative fashion sense to produce bracelets, necklaces, decorative jewelry boxes, and much more!  This class will nurture free artistic expression, vivid imagination, and creativity.  (Material Fee: $25, Session 1: $15)




Nature Art NEW!

Grades 1-2

Sessions 2 (PM)


The beauty of nature is in full bloom during the summer, making this the perfect class for young art lovers.  Campers will love the natural light that floods our art studio as they draw, paint, or create collages of animals, trees, birds, and landscapes.  Inspiration will come as the teacher leads campers through Norwood’s beautiful 38 acre campus, filled with natural vegetation and wildlife.  (Material Fee: $25)




Water Color

Grade 1-2

Session 4 (PM)


Water Color is one of the most popular forms of painting for young artists.  Campers will explore this colorful art form and learn different wash and brush techniques while creating landscapes, abstracts, and paintings of everyday objects.  Your child will be amazed at the beautiful works of art they’ll create with a brush, a paint pallet, and a few drops of water!  (Material Fee: $25)




Awesome Art

Grades 1-2
Sessions 1 (PM) filled, 3 (AM), and 5 (AM) filled


In this popular Summer at Norwood classic, budding artists have the opportunity to explore and express their creativity through various forms of art. In one of Norwood’s art studios, campers will undertake a variety of projects and use their skills to create works that they can take home.  Students’ work may include drawing, painting, collage, creative projects using recycled materials, and more! (Material Fee: $25, Session 1: $15)






Storybook Theater

Grades 1-2

Session 4 (PM)


Join us for an exciting adventure into the land of make-believe. Campers will read beloved fairy tales, classic stories, and contemporary favorites. Together, they will help to create a scripted version of a story to perform. The world of theatre will be explored through improvisational play and voice/movement activities. This class is ideal for any child interested in theater and performance. Come along, and bring your imagination!



Wearable Art New!

Grade 1-2

Session 2 (AM)



Description Coming Soon!





Grade 1-2

Session 4 (PM)


This class is perfect for campers who are eager to create and build.  Young woodworkers will learn to craft various projects in a fun and age-appropriate manner, all with wood!  Whether creating popsicle stick houses, birdhouses, picture frames, or wooden toys, our future carpenters will love using their own hands to assemble wonderful wooden crafts!  (Material Fee: $25)




Science and Technology


Animals Alive

Grades 1-2

Sessions 1 (PM), 3 (PM), and 5 (AM)


Animals have a captivating effect on children, and we make full use of their fascination in this wildly fun class!  Campers will have an up close and personal experience with live animals, animal habitats, fossils, and more.  Our instructor has 40+ years of experience teaching with animals, and you can expect your camper to encounter animals such as a snake, mice, a tarantula, and more in a safe and informative environment. Students will learn about different species, ecosystems, and evolutionary concepts, such as adaptation. Campers with curiosity and a love of animals will enjoy spending time with our furry, scaly, and feathered friends! 


Digital Creations

Grades 1-2

Sessions 3 (PM) and 5 (PM)


Imagination hits the stage in this technological explosion of creativity.  Campers will explore various digital media to create pieces of digital art work and more.  Using software programs such as Kid Pix 3D, Power Point, and others, our campers will design collages, create stop motion video, touch on graphic design among other projects.  Be ready to create in this new digital age!

Lego Engineering with Play-well Tek
Grades 1-2

Sessions 1 (AM) filled, and 2 (AM)


In this exciting class, campers will let their imagination run wild with over 100,000 pieces of LEGO®! They will build engineer-designed projects such as boats, bridges, mazes and motorized cars, and use special pieces to create their own unique design! Campers will explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. What a perfect class for aspiring engineers who love to build!



Natural Wonders
Grades 1-2
2 (PM) and 5 (PM)


This summer, campers will explore Summer at Norwood’s beautiful campus and discover the wonders of the natural world! Whether you youngster is a budding adventurer, environmentalist, or just likes to play in the mud, this class will spark their imaginations and foster their love of science. Through investigation and experimentation, campers will test the limits of sound, the power of magnets, and the movement of light. Campers will explore their own backyard and discover who –and what- is sharing the playground with them.



Tech Time
Grades 1-2
2 (PM) and 4 (AM)


Our summer computer program is designed to help campers develop skills, spark their curiosity, and encourage creativity.  We will explore many different technical areas including graphic design, problem solving, computer simulations, and basic keyboarding. Any camper with an interest in computers will love spending part of their summer in Tech Time!


Destination Space

Grades 1-2

Session 2 (AM)


Explore the universe in this exciting journey through the cosmos!  Campers in this class will discover the fascinating world of planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, black holes, supernovas, and much more, as they bring the awe-inspiring visions of space into the classrooms through interactive projects and activities.  Whether building a model solar system, viewing amazing Hubble Space images, or playing a game of Astronaut Tag, campers are sure to enjoy this new world of fun!


Lego Design, Engineering, and Innovation Lab
Grades 1-2
Sessions 3 (AM), 4 (AM) and 5 (AM)


DEILAB unlocks the power of innovation through LEGO™ based design, engineering projects and challenges.  DEILAB focuses on idea generation (ideation) and iteration (prototyping), as tools for innovation using hands on LEGO™ projects as an activating agent in the chain of events. Our labs are built around the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. These soft skills are complementary where art and engineering blend successfully to leverage the capacity of human intelligence, adaptability, and innovation. The coursework is based on mechanical, artistic, architectural design and engineering projects. The laboratory environment is structured to enhance curiosity and ignite ingenuity. DEILAB’s unique culture empowers participants to pursue the art of making practical the application of innovation and ideation in the construction of machines, towers, race cars, bridges, city designs, and more.


Mad Scientists
Grades 1-2
Sessions 1 (AM) and 3 (AM)


Summer at Norwood’s Mad Scientists will satisfy their scientific curiosity through hands-on experiments, fun science tricks, and enlightening activities. Any camper with an interest in science and a passion for discovery is sure to love this popular program. Key scientific concepts will be demonstrated through age-appropriate learning and activities. What extra materials can be added to make the highest bubble tower? Why do different gasses make balloons fall at different speeds? What happens when Mentos are added to soda? Campers will become Mad Scientists when they conduct wild experiments.

Rocks Rock! New!
Grades 1-2
4 (PM)


From minerals and fossils to volcanos and magma, this new class will take an exciting look at the world of Geology.  Through hands-on activities, campers will take a close look at what lies beneath our feet and all around us to gain clues about the world we live in.  This class will not only learn about and explore various varieties of rocks and minerals, they’ll see for themselves by exploring the natural areas of Norwood’s 38 acre campus.  Campers will even examine the volatile world of plate tectonics and earthquakes.  This summer, campers will see why rocks rock!


Under the Sea
Grades 1-2
4 (AM)


Come and join this expedition to the mysterious world that lives under the sea. From shallow coral reefs to the darkest depths, campers will learn all about our oceans and the creatures that lie within. Sharks, dolphins, octopi, and seahorses will join them on this journey. Campers with a love of discovery, animals, and adventure will relish their time in this exciting class!

Academic Enrichment and Support 

English Immersion
Grade 1-8
2 (AM), 3 (AM), 4 (AM), and 5 (AM)  


This immersion class is designed for campers whose primary language is not English. In this program, campers will strengthen their English through language immersion, games, and activities. The class will work on language comprehension, basic reading, and cultural understanding. No matter what language a camper speaks, he or she will feel comfortable in this nurturing and informative program. This is a perfect class for campers who want to develop their English language skills while still having a fun-filled summer camp experience. 


Math Mania
Grade 1-2
Sessions 2 (AM) and 4 (PM)


Can mathematical problem-solving be both fun and educational? Absolutely! In Math Mania, campers will explore the realm of mathematics through real-life simulations, math games, computer programs, and creative manipulatives. This class allows campers to improve their math skills in a collaborative and entertaining environment. 



Grade 1-2
Sessions 3 (PM) and 5 (AM)


In this program, campers will develop their interests in the Spanish-speaking world by being immersed in it! Campers will play games, act out skits, read and listen to stories, and experience cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries around the world, all en Español! Join us for this energetic, playful class that is sure to have them saying, “que divertido!” 


Reading Booster
Grade 1-2
Sessions 3 (AM) and 4 (AM)


Campers will focus on the FUNdamentals of reading in this academic support class. Reading Booster is designed to reinforce key concepts and skills in reading through academic games, puzzles, and activities. Each class is focused on specific grades so campers will get specialized attention, giving them the support and confidence they’ll need to thrive in the upcoming school year.


School Prep
Grade 1-2
Session 5 (AM)


School Prep is designed to support campers’ transition back into academic instruction through entertaining activities and lessons. Time is spent on a range of academic subjects, including language arts, math, and science, and students are taught skills and techniques that will have them ready for the next school year. Whether your camper wants additional support or just wants to expand their knowledge, this class will encourage all campers to “stay fresh” with their school skills. 


Special Skills

Car Mania
Grades 1-2
Session 3 (AM)


The car lover’s dream! This class will immerse our campers in a world full of car making, car art, car racing, car designing, track building, and more! Learn the ins and outs of what makes cars go, and explore and create your own cars of the future.  Campers start your engines and get ready for a fast moving adventure!


Explore it All NEW!
Grades 1-2
Session 1 (AM)


Can’t decide which of the exciting classes to choose?  Let your camper Explore it All!  This is the perfect class for campers who like variety and want the full summer camp experience.  They will delve into an assortment of themes and a wide range of fun activities.  Campers don’t have to choose between an art project and crazy kickball, or between the computer lab and bubble rockets.  They can Explore it All!

Mystifying Magic
Grades 1-2
Sessions 1 (PM), 2 (PM), 3 (PM), and 5 (PM)


“Now you see it. Now you don’t.” This summer your camper can amaze their friends and family by learning to perform mystifying magical effects. They will learn the secrets behind a magician’s “bag of tricks” using everyday objects as well as exciting traditional props!  Practice and performance will be incorporated on a daily basis. In addition to learning the secrets of performing magic, your camper will study illusions performed by world renowned professional magicians.



Sports and Games
Grades 1-3
Sessions 1 (AM and PM), 2 (AM and PM), 3 (AM and PM), 4 (AM and PM), and 5 (AM and PM)


In this popular offering, campers will explore teamwork, creativity, and cooperative activities by learning the basic elements of a variety of sports and games. Perfect for the energetic camper, this class will play sports like basketball and soccer, active games like capture the flag and ultimate dodge ball, and board or card games in a classroom setting. Campers are sure to love playing the camp favorite Ga Ga Ball in Summer at Norwood’s new Ga Ga pit.  This is an active class in which campers will work together while learning to utilize their individual strengths and abilities. Sports + Games = Fun!



Grades 1-2
Sessions 2 (AM) and 3 (AM)


Research has shown that chess helps children develop analytical and decision making skills.  Kids will tell you that it’s fun!  No matter what their skill level, this enriching class will teach campers the fundamentals and strategies of chess through games, puzzles, challenging activities, and actual chess matches.  Chess will energize your camper’s creative thinking skills and create a lifelong hobby!  It’s your move!




Free Swim NEW!
Grades 1-5
Sessions 2 (PM), 3 (PM), and 4 (PM)


What better way to spend the summer than swimming at the pool!  Campers and experienced staff will take a Norwood bus to local pool for an afternoon of fun and supervised swim time.  This is not a swim lesson, but rather a wonderful opportunity for campers to splash and play in the sun with friends.  Staff will administer a swim test on the first day to assess swimming ability.  The ability to swim is encouraged, but not mandatory, as the pool has a shallow end and always has lifeguards on duty. (Access and Travel Fee: $50)



Pirate Adventure NEW!
Grades 1-2
Session 2 (PM)


Ahoy there mateys!  Campers will board the Summer at Norwood ship this summer for a Pirate Adventure!  Young swashbucklers will put on their pirate hats and eye patches for all sorts of pirate games and activities.  From creating their own pirate flag to following clues on a treasure map to find where “X” marks the spot, campers will be saying “it’s a pirate’s life for me”.  Yo ho ho and a barrel of fun!  



Cooking with Tiny Chefs
Grades 1-3
Sessions 1 (PM), 2 (PM), 3 (PM), 4 (PM), 5 (PM)


Kids of all ages love to get into the kitchen and help make treats and meals. Cooking with Tiny Chefs will tap into that love and make learning to cook fun, educational, nutritious, and fun!  Your “Tiny Chef” will learn and practice skills such as measuring, mixing, stirring, baking and cooperating.  The class will explore a different cooking theme each week.  Themes may include: Cup Cake Wars, Super Foods, Tropical Madness, Snack Attack, All American Summer Favorites, Cookie Explosion, and others. Each chef will have plenty of good eats to sample and take home to share. Every camper will also receive their very own apron to decorate, wear at camp, and take home, as well as a recipe book with everything they’ve made in camp.  (Note: All recipes and projects in the class will be meat and peanut-free) (Material Fee: $25 and session 1: $15)