Unique & Speciality

"Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution," Deepak Chopra

Tiny Chefs

This weeks theme in tiny chefs was let's make everyday a holiday! We closed off the end of summer camp with creating tasty holiday treats. We learned how to help out with the holiday cooking. We also discovered new holiday recipes that we can share with our family.

Advanced Cooking

This week in advanced cooking, our theme was, Let's make everyday a holiday! Each recipe was inspired by a fun holiday. We learned how to follow a recipe and create delicious dishes from scratch.

 Director's Cut

Director's Cut had a jammed pack week, but it was crazy fun! The young directors got right to work, collaborating with their peers and harmonizing their ideas into one script. Some groups decided to do parodies, while others wanted to do their own rendition of reality TV shows. Whatever their direction was, the campers were hard at work filming and editing the rest of the week. The class had a blast viewing one another's films at the end of the week and laughing at everyones funny bloopers. 

AM Sports & Games
1st-3rd grade

For the campers of sports and games, camp started with a giant game of “fishy, fishy, cross my ocean”.  This was followed up by a game of four corner soccer in which each team enjoyed great success.  On Tuesday, the class started with a game of “elbow tag” and saw the introduction of the very popular “ga, ga pit”.  On Wednesday, we started with a game of “blob tag” and transitioned to a game called “dragon tower” which was very popular with all the campers.  On Thursday, the campers participated in games of “pillow polo” and finished the day with a few rounds of “never ending tag”.  On Friday, we played capture the flag and “ga, ga” was bought back due to popular demand.  It was a great way for us to end the week and we all agreed that session five sports and games had been a huge success.


As we finish up another wonderful Summer at Norwood, campers used their quiet yoga time to reflect and express gratitude for all the things that make them happy.  Each class began with belly breathing exercises and a few minutes of meditation to help campers relax their minds and bodies. We then moved thru a series of stretching, balancing, and strengthening exercises. A modified version of each exercise was also demonstrated to provide each camper with an option that better fits their needs. We ended each class playing a few yoga games( to keep the "camp spirit" alive)! Our yoga mission was simple stay positive, healthy, and flexible! Namaste!!


AM Chess

What a whirlwind it is in AM Chess at Norwood! With tastes of the basics, the advanced, and everything in between this chess class dabbled in chess commerce, tournament play, endgame tactics, opening theory, and a whole lot of good fun.


Summer Sampler

Summer Sampler got off to a GREAT start with creating beautiful watercolor backgrounds for a bean name art activity. The group dappled in lot s of fun activates throughout the week. We join the Chess class, did sidewalk chalk drawings, went to the computer lab, and created sculptures with molding clay, designed a class mural and even some fingerpainting! As we say good-bye to Summer at Norwood, we look forward to another fun-filled summer next year!       

PM Sports  & Games
1st-3rd grade

Session 5 Update Coming Soon!

Game On!


For the campers of Game On, the week started with a high intensity and very exciting soccer match.  The campers also enjoyed some down time in the classroom while playing foosball and card games such as “Snap” and “Hen”.   On Tuesday, the campers got the heart rate pumping while playing a few rounds of “sharks and minnows” which was followed up by the ever popular Krazy Kickball and an exhausting game of capture the flag.  On Wednesday, we played a game called “dragon tower” which was a huge success.  A high intensity game of pillow polo took center stage in our class on Thursday and the game came down to the very last minute.  All week the campers demonstrated a very strong competitive spirit but always did a wonderful job showing great sportsmanship.  We concluded our time together on Friday with a few games of soccer “world cup” and full court basketball.  It was a great way to end camp and we all agreed that session five was “short and sweet”.  


PM Chess

Roses are red, the king races the queen, and if that doesn't make sense, it don't mean a thing (if you're not in PM chess!).  As we explored the rules of the game we told the story of the prince of the hill and the prince of the valley, as well as the clone army.  Did I mention a whole lot of fun playing chess?