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Coerver Coaching Soccer camp
at norwood

Ages 6-14
Boys and Girls 
June 17-21 and July 8-12
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Coerver Coaching Camp returns to Summer at Norwood for two more exciting weeks of expert training and fun games. Click on the links below for more information and to register for this outstanding camp.

why coerver coaching camps?

PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is Coerver® Coaching’s in-depth player development program. This level is for players ages 7-13 and is based on the five S's of the Coerver® Code: Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength, and Spirit. The program is taught by experienced Coerver® staff coaches who customize skill development to meet the needs of each individual player. The Performance Academy level will focus on the “core” technical skills, meaning that each training day is focused around one of our four core Coerver® move sets. In addition to the move sets, each player will train in ball mastery, dribbling with control and speed, ball striking, finishing, and passing and receiving.

Technical Skills Covered
Ball Mastery - Dribbling - Coerver 4 Move Sets - Finishing - Passing - Receiving
CENTER OF EXCELLENCE has been developed to give an in-depth and comprehensive training curriculum to help grow the individual player. COE provides opportunities for skill and confidence building through complex game situations. Players are put into tricky game-like scenarios that require them to rely on their individual technique. COE will train players to improve their split-second decisions in a fast-paced environment.
Topics Covered:
​Dribbling, Attacking Moves, Combination Play, Turning/Holding, Change of Direction Moves, Stop-Starts Moves, 270 Moves, Switching the Point of Attack, Numbers Up vs. Numbers Down, and Finishing.


Phone: 443-534-9686
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